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pony2000 avr

  • QuickTime


    Apple Inc. - Shareware -
    QuickTime é um software de mídia digital de última geração da Apple para ambos Mac e computadores baseados em Windows oferece incomparável qualidade de criação, reprodução e streaming de conteúdo de áudio e vídeo pela Internet. Mais informações...
  • AVRStudio4 4.15.623

    AVRStudio4 4.15.623

    Atmel Corp - Freeware -
    AVR Studio® 4 is the new professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing and debugging AVR® applications in Windows® 9x/NT/2000/XP environments.AVR Studio 4 includes an assembler and a simulator. Mais informações...
  • PonyProg 2.7

    PonyProg 2.7

    Claudio Lanconelli - Open Source -
    PonyProg is a serial device programmer with a user friendly GUI framework available for Intel Linux and Windows. Its purpose is being able to read from and write to most serial devices. Mais informações...
  • AVRprog


    micha - Open Source -
    AVRprog can be used to burn the image filescreated by the assembler or compiler into thetarget MCU using some programming hardware. Agraphical frontend is available. Mais informações...
  • UISP


    Margarita Manterola - Open Source -
    UISP is a tool for AVR (and AT89S)microcontrollers which can interface to manyhardware in-system programmers. UISP allows you toprogram your microcontroller through the parallel(or serial) port of your computer. Mais informações...
  • AVR Downloader/UploaDEr

    AVR Downloader/UploaDEr

    Optophonic - Open Source -
    AVRDUDE (AVR Downloader Uploader) is a program fordownloading and uploading the on-chip memories ofAtmel's AVR microcontrollers. It can program theFlash and EEPROM. Mais informações...
  • amforth


    Matthias Trute - Open Source -
    amforth is an interactive and extendible command interpreter for the Atmel AVR ATmega microcontroller family. It has a turnkey feature for embedded use as well. It does not depend on a host application. Mais informações...
  • Ideal Music Sorter

    Ideal Music Sorter

    Ideal Music Sorter - will sort, organize and rename all your Music files, fast and easy. Support variety of music formats: MP3,OGG,WMA,AC3,WAV and HUNDREDS other media formats. Mais informações...
  • ewebradio


    Harald Kipp - Open Source -
    ewebradio is firmware for AVR/ARM target boards based on the Elektor Internet Radio and Atmel's Internet Radio AN. It connects to SHOUTcast/Icecast servers and uses VS10xx chips or the Helix decoder. Mais informações...
  • QP Active Object Frameworks

    QP Active Object Frameworks

    quantum-leaps - Open Source -
    QP Active Object Frameworks is a family of event-driven, RTOS-like, active object frameworks for microcontrollers. The QP frameworks provide thread-safe execution of active objects (concurrent state machines) and support both manual and … Mais informações...
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pony2000 avr