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  • SayPad 1.0

    SayPad 1.0

    InspiredCode - 7,6MB - Freeware -
    SayPad, the freeware talking text editor can read you a good book or help you write one, using SAPI 5.1 Text To Speech (included). Mais informações...
  • Music Tools 1.0

    Music Tools 1.0

    InspiredCode - Freeware -
    BumpUp.exe is a program that quadruples the size of a wave file, making it sound four times slower than it was. The resulting music is two ocataves lower than before. Mais informações...
  • Metris 1.0

    Metris 1.0

    InspiredCode - 1,5MB - Shareware -
    Metris is a Musical Tetris game. It does not interfere with or depend upon any particular speech engines. It just assumes a screen reader is present. Mais informações...
  • ChurchBells 5.0

    ChurchBells 5.0

    InspiredCode - 55MB - Shareware -
    Church Bell Tower Carillon Chimes System for $140. Great outreach ministry! Beautiful Harmonious Bells. User friendly scheduler. Set often or once all year, add music, times, seasons, events. Mais informações...
  • Badger 2.0

    Badger 2.0

    InspiredCode - Freeware -
    Badger 2.0 is a downloading robot that fetches multiple files for you, without spying on you or taking over your downloading life. Mais informações...
  • 4BlindMice 1.4

    4BlindMice 1.4

    InspiredCode - 2,9MB - Shareware -
    4BlindMice is a Real Time Screen Reading talking and singing mouse designed to work with your existing screen reader program. Most screen readers treat Windows like a big list. I think your mind's eye doesn't get the respect it deserves. Mais informações...