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  • FreeStyle


    Dave Mirra freestyle BMX - Shareware -
    Freestyle is een software voor Non-fotorealistische lijntekening renderen van 3D-scènes. Het is ontworpen als een programmeerbare interface om maximale controle over de stijl van de definitieve tekening: de gebruiker "programma's" hoe de … meer info...
  • K-3D 0.8.01

    K-3D 0.8.01

    Timothy M. Shead - Open Source -
    K-3D is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system for GNU/Linux & Win32. Features include creation and editing of geometry in multiple realtime OpenGL solid, shaded, and texture-mapped views; unlimited undos and redos; complete … meer info...
  • Muse Renderer 0.3.1

    Muse Renderer 0.3.1

    Bruno Patatas - Open Source -
    Muse is a photo-realistic RenderMan-compliantrenderer that is based on the REYES renderingarchitecture. Features include scan-linerendering, NURBS, global illumination,programmable shading, and motion blur. meer info...
  • Album3D Builder 1.6

    Album3D Builder 1.6

    AM Software - 2,5MB - Shareware -
    Album3D Builder allows users to create 3D maze galleries using their own images, video, sound and animations. The users can walk in their galleries in real time. meer info...
  • webcpp


    webcpp - Shareware -
    Webcpp (Web C Plus Plus) is a command line utility that takes your source code and converts it into an HTML file, using a fully customizable syntax highlighting engine and stylesheets. meer info...
  • Ayam


    Randolf Schultz - Open Source -
    Ayam is a free 3D modelling environment for the RenderMan interface. It features good RIB export, CSG (all RenderMan primitives supported), and NURBS modelling. meer info...
  • 3Delight 6.5.0

    3Delight 6.5.0

    The 3Delight Team - Shareware -
    3Delight is a very fast RenderMan-compliant renderer designed to produce photorealistic images for serious production environments. meer info...
  • CMATH for Visual C++ 7.1.3

    CMATH for Visual C++ 7.1.3

    CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics. The following features make CMATH an ideal replacement for other available complex class libraries: 1. meer info...
  • DrQueue 0.64.3

    DrQueue 0.64.3

    Jorge Daza Garcia Blanes - Open Source -
    Drqueue is a distributed rendering queue. It helps manage jobs on a render farm. It works under Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, IRIX, and Windows, supports Maya, Blender, Lightwave, Mental Ray, Bmrt (Renderman), 3Delight, and Pixie out of the … meer info...
  • Moonlight|3D 0.1.5

    Moonlight|3D 0.1.5

    Gregor Mueckl - Open Source -
    Moonlight|3D is a modeler for three-dimensionalart. It aims to support mesh-, NURBS-, and Beziercurve-based modeling. It's a redesign of MoonlightAtelier, formed after Moonlight Atelier/Creatordied in 1999/2000. meer info...
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