Label file transfer

  • JFtp 4.0

    JFtp 4.0

    Cyberdemon - Open Source -
    JFtp is a Swing Java network and file transfer client. It supports FTP using its own FTP API and various other protocols like SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and file I/O using third party APIs. meer info...
  • Akeni LAN Messenger 1.2.96

    Akeni LAN Messenger 1.2.96

    akeni - Shareware -
    Akeni LAN messenger is a cross-platform instant messenger client. It is a P2P program that works on your LAN without the need of an Internet connection or a dedicated server. meer info...
  • TN5250j 0.6.0

    TN5250j 0.6.0

    kjp - Open Source -
    TN5250j is an AS400 Telnet 5250 written in Java.The emulator provides some of the more advancefunctions of the 5250 datastream such as editmasks, graphical windows, continued editingfields, etc. meer info...
  • Akeni Instant Messaging Server Pro 1.2.100

    Akeni Instant Messaging Server Pro 1.2.100

    akeni - Shareware -
    Akeni Instant Messaging Server Pro is aclient/server instant messaging platform thatallows companies to host their own secured privateIM system. The client has an user interfacesimilar to AIM, ICQ, or MSN Messenger. meer info...
  • Rad Inks Network Utilities 1.51

    Rad Inks Network Utilities 1.51

    e4c5 - Shareware -
    Rad Inks Network Utilities is a collection of networking utilities andclass libraries. It includes a graphical FTP Java applet and two setsof classes that implement the File Transfer Protocol, one in PHP andanother in Java. meer info...
  • Akeni Secure Messaging Server - Expert Edition 2.2.96

    Akeni Secure Messaging Server - Expert Edition 2.2.96

    akeni - Shareware -
    Akeni Secure Messaging server is a securedclient/server instant message solution forbusiness. It supports standard messaging featuressuch as chat, conference (group chat),notification, and file transfer, and a richclient. meer info...
  • Secure FTP API for Java

    Secure FTP API for Java

    Sai Pullabhotla - Shareware -
    Secure FTP API for Java is a collection of classes that allows you to add secure file transfer capabilities to your Java applications. meer info...
  • Jeti 0.7.7

    Jeti 0.7.7

    Eric de Boer - Open Source -
    Jeti is a Java Jabber client that supports most chatfeatures such as file transfer, group chat,emoticons, and formatted messages. It can be usedas an application or as a Web applet. meer info...
  • SFTPPlus 1.0

    SFTPPlus 1.0

    timadams - Shareware -
    SFTPPlus is a secure file transfer (SFTP) programthat uses the SSH protocol with additional auditand automation capabilities to meet regulatory andcorporate compliance requirements. Server andclient editions are available. meer info...
  • Para IrcLib 0.1

    Para IrcLib 0.1

    Martin S. - Open Source -
    Para IRcLib is a small library for IRC clients,written in Java. At the moment, all major IRCfeatures except for DCC file transfer are supported. meer info...