• File Uploader

    File Uploader

    Noel DANJOU - 0.9MB - Shareware -
    파일 업로드/다운로드 ActiveX 컨트롤, HTTP 파일 업로드 구성 요소는 HTTP 프로토콜을 통해 웹 서버에 사용자 컴퓨터에서 큰 파일의 업로드를 귀하의 웹 사이트에 대 한 최고의 솔루션입니다.중단점 업 로더를 지원, 신뢰할 수 없는 또는 느린 연결에 대 한 걱정 하지 마세요. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Birthday Reminder 1.5

    Birthday Reminder 1.5

    Noel DANJOU - Shareware -
    Birthday Reminder is a small application that takes place in the system tray. It searches your default Windows Address Book (WAB) and possibly displays the contacts who have their birthdays or wedding anniversaries today or in the coming … 더 많은 정보 ...
  • AMCap 9.23

    AMCap 9.23

    Noel DANJOU - 2.3MB - Shareware -
    AMCap is a small yet fully functional video capture and preview application compatible with Microsoft DirectShow (formerly ActiveMovie, hence the name). 더 많은 정보 ...
  • DynSite 1.13

    DynSite 1.13

    Noel DANJOU - 1.8MB - Shareware -
    DynSite automatically updates your dynamic IP address every time it changes on one or many dynamic DNS services or by email. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Universal Converter 3.0

    Universal Converter 3.0

    Noel DANJOU - Shareware -
    This Universal Converter allows you to convert to and from many UK, US and metric units.To do a conversion, simply select a category (length, speed, surface, temperature, volume, weight, etc.), select the source and the target units. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Motion Detection 1.4

    Motion Detection 1.4

    Noel DANJOU - Shareware -
    Motion Detection is an application that saves still pictures and/or makes .avi files when anything in motion is detected in front of the selected webcam. The pictures and the frames of the movies are timestamped. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Locked Files Wizard 2.4

    Locked Files Wizard 2.4

    Noel DANJOU - 1MB - Shareware -
    The Locked Files Wizard (formerly CopyLock) is a simple assistant that allows you to replace, to move, to delete and to rename one or more files or folders which are in use by the system or any other application. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • File Downloader 1.13

    File Downloader 1.13

    Noel DANJOU - Shareware -
    File Downloader is a small yet powerful command-line tool which allows the downloading of files from HTTP or FTP servers. It supports advanced features like wildcards and download resume. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Dynamic Update Tester 1.1

    Dynamic Update Tester 1.1

    Noel DANJOU - Shareware -
    Dynamic Update Tester is an application to test dynamic updates (RFC2136) on DNS servers. The latest version supports secure updates using transaction signatures (RFC2845). GSS with SPNEGO/Kerberos v5 is also supported. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Dynamic DNS Update Library 1.0

    Dynamic DNS Update Library 1.0

    Noel DANJOU - Shareware -
    The DNS Library is a COM object that makes dynamic DNS updates to BIND, Microsoft and other RFC-2136-compatible DNS servers possible in an easy way for applications written in C++, VB, JavaScript, and most scripting languages. 더 많은 정보 ...