• Super Collapse

    Super Collapse

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    The original game of colored blocks and fast clicks is now the ultimate break for your brain! This stunning celebration of Collapse puzzles features more than 300 all-new puzzle challenges. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Five Card Deluxe 1.0

    Five Card Deluxe 1.0

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    If you like solitaire or poker then you'll love Five Card Deluxe! Place cards from the deck onto the table to form poker hands and score points. Play one of the 4 modes to find your favorite & you can even save your game. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Holiday Express 1.0

    Holiday Express 1.0

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    Arrange the colorful gifts to fill up the Holiday Express train and reveal festive photos! Enjoy falling snow, bonus rounds and jolly music in this great holiday-themed game. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Gold Miner: Vegas 1.0.1

    Gold Miner: Vegas 1.0.1

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    Gold Miner is back with a brand new action adventure! He's setting his sights on Vegas. Can you help him achieve his dream? With new levels, challenges and gadgets the action is bigger, brighter and more enjoyable than ever before. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Turtle Odyssey 2.0

    Turtle Odyssey 2.0

    CollectionOfGames - Freeware -
    Get involved in a totally new adventure epic of Good versus Evil that will take players on a treasure-hunting journey into a mysterious underwater world. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters 1.0

    Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters 1.0

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    Pat Sajak invites you to be a contestant on his exciting new computer game show! Spin the slot machine and guess the Lucky Letters to win big. Watch for Lucky Chances where you can double your money. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Magic Match 1.0

    Magic Match 1.0

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    Can you become Master of Magic? Explore six mystical realms in the Lands of the Arcane with Giggles your helper imp by your side. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Inspector Parker 1.0

    Inspector Parker 1.0

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    Help Inspector Parker solve the mystery of Misanthrope Manor, where seven potential suspects, weapons, motives, victims, pieces of evidence and body disposal methods must be sorted through to solve the crime. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Betty's Beer Bar 1.4.8

    Betty's Beer Bar 1.4.8

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    Help the sexy Betty leave her workplace and buy her own island in the caribbean! Serve the most fun and wacky characters in four different bars around the world, rendered in a beautiful hand-drawn, cartoon-like style. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Mah-Jomino Spiel

    Mah-Jomino Spiel

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -