Alistair Riddoch

  • WorldForge


    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    The WorldForge Project is developing a complete,distributable framework for massively multiplayeronline roleplaying games. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • WorldForge::varconf


    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    Varconf is configuration handling library required by many WorldForge components. It supports the loading and saving of config files, handling of complex command line arguments, and signals to notify the application of configuration … 더 많은 정보 ...
  • WorldForge::Mercator


    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    Mercator is a terrain generation and managementlibrary that handles the data required to handleterrain rendering and physics, including classesto handle vegetation. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • WorldForge::wfmath


    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    The primary focus of WFMath is geometric objects. Thus, it includes several shapes (boxes, balls, lines), in addition to the basic math objects that are used to build these shapes (points, vectors, and matrices). 더 많은 정보 ...
  • WorldForge::skstream


    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    skstream is a network transport library written in C++ using the iostream interface. It provides classes for handling TCP socket connections. It is derived from the FreeSockets library by Rafael Guterres Jeffman. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • WorldForge::Sage


    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    Sage is an OpenGL extensions library that uses SDLto obtain its function pointers in across-platform manner. Sage source code isautomatically generated from the glext.h headerfile available from the OpenGL site. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • EntityForge 0.2.2

    EntityForge 0.2.2

    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    EntityForge is a 3D graphical media display,animation, and manipulation tool. It allowsartists and animators to try out their work. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • WorldForge::Ember 0.5.4

    WorldForge::Ember 0.5.4

    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    Ember is a 3d client for the WorldForge project.It uses the Ogre 3d graphics library forpresentation and CEGUI for its GUI system. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • WorldForge::Mason 0.3

    WorldForge::Mason 0.3

    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    Mason is a game system being developed by WorldForge. The primary focus for Mason is to enable players to build a persistent world in-game. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • WorldForge::Sear 0.6.3

    WorldForge::Sear 0.6.3

    Alistair Riddoch - Open Source -
    Sear is a 3D client for networked roleplaying games based on WorldForge protocols and technology. Built using a custom 3D engine using OpenGL, it features cal3d character animation, an advanced skydome, Mercator-based terrain, and support … 더 많은 정보 ...