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AudioRetoucher Windows 실행됩니다. 다운로드 파일의 크기는 1.1MB.

크기 : 1.1MB
운영 체제:
  • Windows
라이센스 : Shareware
날자 : 2022-01-14
제작사 :
로그인 변경 Improved processing speed.

그것은 지난 달 동안 우리의 클라이언트 응용 UpdateStar 사용자에 의해 업데이트 31 번 확인 했다.

AudioRetoucher is an audio effect processor that changes the pitch and tempo
of an audio composition. With AudioRetoucher the sound of an instrument or voice
might be modified slightly, to make a vocalist or instrumentalist's job easier
in dealing with difficult keys, and usually involves no more than a half-step
(semitone) or possibly whole step (whole tone) change. Vocal pitch may also be
speeded up to "smooth out" a performance, or to make the singer sound younger.
It may be used for special effects like famous Chipmunks recordings were created
by recording vocal tracks at a slow speed, then boosting them to normal at playback.
In additional, AudioRetoucher may work as Bass and Treble booster.