AMGtime Time and Attendance

AMGtime Time and Attendance

AMG Employee Management - 341.3MB - Shareware
AMGtime is a comprehensive Time & Attendance program which enables unlimited configuration of Shifts, Pay Policies, organizational structure, and more. It handles the basics of timecard data as well as advanced features such as Benefit accrual and Shift Differentials. With AMGtime, managers can easily track any employee at any time through the Status Board, catch missing punches, and assign highly individual access levels. AMGtime provides multiple data capture solutions, from fingerprint to facial recognition readers, Schlage hand-punches, and iOS/Android-compatible mobile apps.

As a manager, AMGtime gives you broad options on how to track overtime, configure rounding rules, customize attendance reports, and more. The program integrates seamlessly with 120+ payroll providers also has payroll export wizard, so payroll managers can easily export attendance information to payroll. No more manual transfers!

The program's Configuration Wizard guides new users through the initial installation and setup, giving step-by-step instructions and providing help as needed. The system supports automation of many critical tasks, including Device Polling, Database Backup, and emailing Reports.
The new version comes with a built-in Report designer and 40+ reports such as (Attendance Analysis, Duplicate Punches, Missing Punches Report, Missing/Short/Late Lunches, Wrong Transactions Report, Differential Summary, Timecard Report, Wages Report, ACA Full Time Look-Back, Individual Schedule, Job Costing Report, Miscellaneous Entries, Transactions Report ...)

AMGtime features a robust set of database management tools to ensure that you never lose your data and your database functions as smoothly as possible. The database can be set up with MS SQL for more advanced users, allowing direct access to the database.

The entire system is built on an open API to allow for seamless integration to a host of different platforms and services.
このダウンロードは、フリー ソフトウェアのダウンロード マネージャーをダウンロードを行い、プロセスを高速インストールによって管理されるより信頼性の高い、元のソフトウェアのセットアップ ファイルを変更せず。AMGtime Time and Attendance は、 AMG Employee Managementからダウンロード可能性があります。
ダウンロード マネージャーが様々 なソフトウェア提供とユーザーを提示がダウンロードおよびインストール AMGtime Time and Attendance のために受け入れられるために必要ではありません。ソフトウェアをインストールすることによって当社のプライバシー ポリシーに同意します。さらに詳しい情報およびアンインストール情報を見つけてくださいここで