LSoft Technologies Inc.

  • Active@ ISO Burner 4.0.3

    Active@ ISO Burner 4.0.3

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 2,8MB - Freeware -
    Active @ ISO Burner 3.0.0 è un software semplice da utilizzare finestra di dialogo stile per masterizzare immagini ISO di CD/DVD/Blu Ray compatibile con lo standard ISO 9660. Masterizzazione automatizzata è anche supportato. Altre informazioni ...
  • Active ISO Burner 4.0.3

    Active ISO Burner 4.0.3

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 0,8MB - Freeware -
    Active @ ISO Burner consente di masterizzare un file immagine ISO per CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD + R DL (doppio strato), DVD-RW e DVD + RW (inclusi doppio strato, DL). Altre informazioni ...
  • Active@ KillDisk 11.1.1

    Active@ KillDisk 11.1.1

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 27,2MB - Shareware -
    Active @ KillDisk è un programma di rimozione sicura dei dati che fornisce la soluzione perfetta per chiunque sia regalare loro computer o vendere a qualcun altro e vuole garantire che i propri dati privati sono stati eliminati … Altre informazioni ...
  • Active ISO File Manager 6.0.3

    Active ISO File Manager 6.0.3

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 1,5MB - Shareware -
    Active@ ISO File Manager is a software to author, edit and burn CD/DVD-ROM ISO images compatible with the ISO 9660 / Joliet standards. You can create ISO images from either existing CD/DVD-ROMs or from a set of existing files and folders. Altre informazioni ...
  • KillDisk Industrial 1.7.23

    KillDisk Industrial 1.7.23

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - Data Only -
    KillDisk Industrial is a data sanitization solution designed for data centers and other industrial applications where it's often necessary to securely erase enormous amounts of data stored on hundreds of devices. Altre informazioni ...
  • KillDisk Desktop 1.7.23

    KillDisk Desktop 1.7.23

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 1033,6MB - Data Only -
    KillDisk Desktop is a highly customizable hardware-based digital data shredder that securely erases all the contents stored on hard disks and other storage devices. Altre informazioni ...
  • ZDelete Internet Eraser 8.0

    ZDelete Internet Eraser 8.0

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 15,8MB - Shareware -
    ZDelete Internet Eraser is an internet eraser software which completely erases selected files, drives, folders, Internet Cache, Internet History, Internet Cookies, temporary files, etc. without any possibility of data recovery. Altre informazioni ...
  • Active@ UNERASER 13.0

    Active@ UNERASER 13.0

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 26MB - Freeware -
    Losing a set of your favorite pictures, an important document for work or school or anything else that you need can be very frustrating. Altre informazioni ...
  • Active Disk Editor 7.0.15

    Active Disk Editor 7.0.15

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 14,4MB - Freeware -
    Disk Editor tool uses a simple, low-level disk viewer which displays information in binary and text modes at the same time. Altre informazioni ...
  • Active Partition Manager 6.0.15

    Active Partition Manager 6.0.15

    LSoft Technologies Inc. - 12,3MB - Freeware -
    Active@ Partition Manager is a freeware application that helps you to manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions that they contain. Altre informazioni ...