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allegro cadビューワー

  • Faktura VAT 2017 Pro 17.1.93

    Faktura VAT 2017 Pro 17.1.93

    Rafał Morawski - 37,1MB - Shareware -
    Wszystkie funkcje programu Faktura VAT 2017 START i STANDARD plus moduł Książka Przychodów i Rozchodów (KPiR), generowanie deklaracji VAT-7, PIT-5, kilometrówka oraz moduł magazynu umożliwiający prowadzenie kilku magazynów. további infó...
  • Season Match 1.1

    Season Match 1.1

    URSE Games - Shareware -
    Something terrible has happened in the magic kingdom. The Snow Queen is furious about her mirror to be broken. She decides to make winter stay forever in the fairy-land. Now, you are the one to save everybody and beat the wicked Queen. további infó...
  • Allegro Common Lisp

    Allegro Common Lisp

    Kevin Layer - Shareware -
    Allegro Common Lisp is a full ANSI Common Lisp (1994) implementation. Itcontains many extensions, including 32- and 64-bit native compilation, efficientbuilt-in memory management, foreign functions (for interfacing with … további infó...
  • alogg


    lyrian - Open Source -
    alogg is a library which makes it easier to useOgg/Vorbis streams with Allegro. It offersfacilities to decode, stream, and encodeOgg/Vorbis streams, and integrates thosefacilities with Allegro's datafile and sampleloading routines. további infó...
  • FakeNES


    Randy McDowell - Open Source -
    FakeNES is a portable, Open Source NES emulator that is written mostly in C, and uses the Allegro library for cross-platform capabilities. további infó...
  • Common Lisp SQL

    Common Lisp SQL

    René van Bevern - Open Source -
    CLSQL is an SQL database interface for CommonLisp. It provides object-oriented and functionalaccess methods to the underlying database, whichcan be one of MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, or SQLite.It uses the Unified Foreign Function … további infó...
  • Tegel Tilemap Editor

    Tegel Tilemap Editor

    Martijn van Iersel - Open Source -
    "Tegel" is an add-on for Allegro for drawing and handling layered tilemaps. The package contains an editor and a playback library in C. There is support for multiple layers and rotated and/or animated tilemaps. további infó...
  • allegro-sprite-editor 0.5

    allegro-sprite-editor 0.5

    David A. Capello - Open Source -
    ASE is a program specially designed with facilities to create sprites that can be used in some video games. It has its own features to optimize the control with the Allegro game development library. további infó...
  • Explosion Graphics Generator

    Explosion Graphics Generator

    lyrian - Freeware -
    EGG (Explosion Graphics Generator) is a particlesystem in C, using the Allegro game programminglibrary. It can be used either standalone orlinked against another program as a library. további infó...
  • Allegro 4.2.2

    Allegro 4.2.2

    NA - Freeware -
    Allegro is a multi-platform game library for C/C++ developers that provides many functions for graphics, sounds, player input (keyboard, mouse, and joystick), and timers. további infó...
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allegro cadビューワー