• Believe in Santa 1.0

    Believe in Santa 1.0 - Shareware -
    Just before Christmas, Sandy visits her granny and learns that granny's bank loan on her gift shop is due in 10 days! How is she going to make $10,000 in such a short time? más información ...
  • Archipelago 1.0

    Archipelago 1.0 - Shareware -
    Explore the islands of Archipelago and save them from the invasion of colorful cubes! Click and pop the cubes to get them under control and restore order to the beautiful islands! más información ...
  • Abra Academy 1.0

    Abra Academy 1.0 - Shareware -
    Wanda's lifelong dream is to become a witch. Help her make it to graduation by finding magical objects hidden throughout the Abra Academy. más información ...