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  • ContactTalk Standard

    ContactTalk Standard

    4x4 Software, Inc. - Shareware -
    ContactTalk allows you to capture lead from emails and automatically build an opt-In contact database for the purpose of automatic autoresponder message follow-up. more info...
  • EZGenerator Web Site Builder

    EZGenerator Web Site Builder

    Image Line BVBA - Shareware -
    EZGenerator gives you a head start when you want to create and maintain your own professional quality website. Based on an impressive collection of over 2500 web template variations (each fully customizable) and an intuitive Wizard … more info...


    MIND SONG BOOKS - Shareware -
    The Windfallow Chronicles tell the story of a small planet, sister-world to Earth where man never sinned, angels are visible and the common building materials are gemstone. more info...
  • Live Help and Monitoring 1.0

    Live Help and Monitoring 1.0

    Ligne Directe inc. - Shareware -
    Live help with this chat customer service for your website. Increase sale and reduce cost. This software will enable you to interact in real-time with the visitors of your website. more info...
  • Office Viewer OCX 1.0

    Office Viewer OCX 1.0

    Office OCX - Shareware -
    Office OCX - Office Viewer ActiveX Control enables you to open and interact Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio easily. more info...
  • PDF Viewer .NET 1.0

    PDF Viewer .NET 1.0

    Frank Kusluski - Shareware -
    PDF Viewer .NET by SkySof Software Inc (www.skysof.com) is a .NET component for software developers which enables your application to display and interact with PDF files. more info...
  • Soul Mate Predictor 1.0

    Soul Mate Predictor 1.0

    Love Machinez - Shareware -
    Soul Mate Predictor is the world's only ACCURATE predictor of romantic compatibility, true love, and soul mates! Our unique astrology-based algorithms reveal in simple, easy to understand numbers when and where your soul mates were … more info...
  • Achilles 1.0

    Achilles 1.0

    emu - Open Source -
    Achilles is a simulation of Darwinian evolution in a virtual world composed of virtual organisms. It uses Hebbian neural networks, and an extremely simplified physics model that allows virtual organisms to interact freely in the simulated … more info...
  • Virtual Universe 0.72

    Virtual Universe 0.72

    Oxygenic - Freeware -
    The "Virtual Universe" is a realistic, three-dimensional cyberspace. People can meet, interact with each other, and build houses and whole worlds. more info...
  • Live2u 2.3

    Live2u 2.3

    xronos - Shareware -
    Live2u is a professional, feature-rich chat tool that is used to interact live, one-on-one with a site's visitors. Features include Web site visitor tracking and inviting users to chat, intelligent call distribution and queueing, session … more info...