Tag erase

  • Eraser 6.2.2986

    Eraser 6.2.2986

    Heidi Computers Ltd - 8.7MB - Open Source -
    Eraser is a secure data removal tool for Windows. It completely removes sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. more info...
  • Secure Eraser 5.200

    Secure Eraser 5.200

    ASCOMP Software GmbH - 4.3MB - Freeware -
    Because it’s been erased from your hard drive, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. As long as the information was not overwritten, anyone can restore it at any time. more info...
  • Laplink SafeErase 6.0.460

    Laplink SafeErase 6.0.460

    Laplink Software - Commercial -
    Laplink SafeErase is a software that allow you to permanently delete your data using recognized methods so that no one can get to your data, even when using specialized software. more info...
  • Ragnarok Online 15.20

    Ragnarok Online 15.20

    Gravity Interactive - Shareware -
    After the long and gruesome war between God, Humans,and Demons...Scarred during the dangerous moments in battle, and avoiding total destruction altogether, the Humans, God and Demons entered a long truceThe 1000 years of fragile and forged … more info...
  • gBurner 5.0

    gBurner 5.0

    gBurner Systems, Inc. - 1.2MB - Shareware -
    gBurner is a powerful and easy-to-use CD/DVD burning tool, which allows you to create and burn data/audio CDs and DVDs, make bootable data CDs and DVDs, create multisession discs. more info...
  • Clean Space 10.0

    Clean Space 10.0

    CYROBO - 2.9MB - Shareware -
    Are you protected?As soon as you turn on your computer... Windows and many programs start collecting all the websites, files, pictures, movie clips, emails and online chats that you view without your approval and permission. more info...
  • BCWipe 6.10.7

    BCWipe 6.10.7

    Jetico, Inc. - 3.5MB - Shareware -
    BCWipe ensures that another person will not restore files you have deleted from a disk. When you delete sensitive files from a disk on your computer, Windows does not erase the contents of these files from the disk - it only deletes … more info...
  • Wipe 2021.00

    Wipe 2021.00

    PrivacyRoot.com - 0.8MB - Freeware -
    Easy and powerful tool to clear user browsing history, clean index.dat files, remove cookies, cache, logs, delete temporary internet files, autocomplete search history and any other tracks that user leaves after using PC. more info...
  • Fix-it Utilities Professional

    Fix-it Utilities Professional

    Avanquest Publishing USA, Inc. - 105.2MB - Commercial -
    Fix-it Utilities 9 Professional - Repair, Speed Up and Optimize your PC. Runs 100+ tests to diagnose and fix your PC problems. One-step tune-up wizard for super easy maintenance. Eliminates PC crashes, freezes and slowdowns. more info...
  • Exif Tag Remover 5.1

    Exif Tag Remover 5.1

    RL Vision - 0.6MB - Freeware -
    Jpeg images often contain hidden information about the image and it's creator, so called metadata tags. These tags are written to the files by digital cameras and photo editing software. more info...