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  • Collaba 10.0

    Collaba 10.0

    SYPECom - Shareware -
    Collaba is a multimedia server software that helps you develop your community's collaboration and communication skills through a versatile integrated platform. more info...
  • tiThumb 1.0

    tiThumb 1.0

    tigod - Freeware -
    tiThumb is a lightweight image viewer withthumbnails. It can also be used as an applet in aWeb site, to easily share your images. It can beused on a Web site without support for dynamiccontent systems such as PHP, CGI, or JSP. more info...
  • Transcend Game 0.3

    Transcend Game 0.3

    Jason Rohrer - Open Source -
    Transcend can best be described as retro-style, abstract, 2D shooter. The graphics are geometrical, and the pace is sometimes frenzied. Two features set Transcend apart from other games. more info...
  • Groovy 2.4.5

    Groovy 2.4.5

    James Strachan - Open Source -
    Groovy is an agile, dynamic language for the JVM which combines manyfeatures from languages like Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk and makes themavailable to Java developers using a Java-like syntax. more info...
  • RetroWeb 1.3

    RetroWeb 1.3

    Stefan Schmiedl - Open Source -
    RetroWeb is an extension for RetroForth intendedto ease the task of creating Web pages. It isstill close to HTML, but offers a more compactsyntax. Most importantly, it allows you to workwith the full power of Forth to generate HTMLcode. more info...
  • Mondrian IDE 1.6

    Mondrian IDE 1.6

    linux - Shareware -
    Mondrian is a project manager and editor for theRuby language. It has the familiar look and feelof a modern IDE while remaining dedicated to theuniqueness of the Ruby language and its community.It comes with a dynamic object … more info...
  • VIP Interactive Site Creator 1.0

    VIP Interactive Site Creator 1.0

    Resale Enterprises - Shareware -
    Your Site Visitors Will Tell You Which Content They Like Most By Rating It!VIP Interactive Site Creator allows you to create and manage interactive SEO Niche sites where you can have articles, tips, jokes, pictures/images, audio, video and … more info...
  • dCore 1.9.6

    dCore 1.9.6

    Duncan Cameron - Open Source -
    dCore offers developers the facility to run an application via a browsercontaining all the features a client would need to run a dynamiccontent-driven site. more info...
  • Tiny ERP 4.2.0

    Tiny ERP 4.2.0

    Gaetan de Menten - Open Source -
    Tiny ERP is a complete ERP and CRM. The main features are accounting (analytic and financial), production management (MRP), stock management, sales and purchases management, task automation, marketing campaigns, help desk, POS, etc. more info...
  • History Flow Visualization Application 1.0.0

    History Flow Visualization Application 1.0.0

    alphaWorks - Freeware -
    History Flow Visualization Application is a toolfor visualizing dynamic, evolving documents andthe interactions of multiple collaboratingauthors. more info...