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zalo recharge

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zalo recharge

  • Zalo 3.0.84

    Zalo 3.0.84

    VNG Corp. - 31,1MB - Shareware -
    Zalo is a free message and call application on mobile. Is the number-one IM app in Vietnam and it works very similarly to Viber and LINE. With it, you can send text messages and make calls using 3G or WiFi. mehr Info...
  • theHunter


    Emote Games Ltd. - Shareware -
    theHunter is a free to play game, but by buying a. Ammunition is refilled to the predefined number of bullets/arrows at the start of every hunt. Members can host multiplayer games. See section. mehr Info...
  • UltraEdit


    IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. - 23,9MB - Shareware -
    Powerful Text, HEX, HTML, PHP and Programmer's Editor. Suitable for general text editing, programmer's, web designers, binary editing, email, and all your editing needs. mehr Info...
  • LiveViewer


    LiveViewer - Shareware -
    LiveViewer, a user friendly app that lets you monitor your Cambrionix device. It allows you to see how much current each device is drawing, and how long it has been charging for. mehr Info...
  • Torchlight


    Runic Games, Inc - Shareware -
    Torchlight is a recently released 3D action/adventure RPG strongly rooted in the original Diablo—if you close your eyes and listen to the musical score, you'll almost swear you're back in Tristram, with Deckard Cain inviting you to "Stay … mehr Info...
  • Intensity XS ReCharge 1.11

    Intensity XS ReCharge 1.11

    Midnight Synergy - 8,2MB - Shareware -
    ReCharge builds on the best gameplay elements of Intensity XS and returns you to the realm of classic arcade/action in style. Battle a host of enemies, including massive capital ships, over six huge worlds. mehr Info...
  • Free Spider Solitaire 1.0

    Free Spider Solitaire 1.0

    Media Freeware - Freeware -
    Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular card games of all and is ideal to take some time off work in order to recharge the brain. mehr Info...
  • Tanky


    Michal Veselenyi - Open Source -
    Tanky is a tank shooting game with old-school graphics (lines and flyingpixels in 16 colors). It can be played by 2-3 players on one keyboard.The main goal is to shoot your opponents down. mehr Info...
  • Windows Battery Check V

    Windows Battery Check V

    Screensaver Plus - Shareware -
    Windows Battery Check V 4.0 Easily log the % of your laptop battery, monitor it over the discharge and recharge period to see if the battery spikes at all - if a battery jumps largely (up or down) it can be the signs of a bad battery. mehr Info...
  • Jungle Ride Free 1.0

    Jungle Ride Free 1.0

    Inloop Software - Freeware -
    Rique and Nanda are responsible for the safety of the Jungle Park, a huge thematic park into the African jungle. During a ride through the park, they see that the animals are being dominated by an unknown force. mehr Info...
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