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tq vault telecharger

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tq vault telecharger

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tq vault telecharger

  • Online Vault

    Online Vault

    Xacti Corp. - Shareware -
    Online Vault is a free application that makes logging into websites and filling in Web forms faster, easier, and more secure by eliminating the need to enter information manually. mehr Info...
  • ReadySHARE Vault 7

    ReadySHARE Vault 7

    Genie9 - Shareware -
    ReadyShare Vault is a free backup and disaster recovery software. The app has a wonderfully simple interface with intuitive backup settings, and adds value to using the Centria device to back up the Windows machines on a home network. mehr Info...
  • Borderlands 2

    Borderlands 2

    2K Games - Kommerziell -
    Borderlands is the breakthrough experience that challenges all the conventions of modern shooters. Borderlands places you in the role of a mercenary on the lawless and desolate planet of Pandora, hell bent on finding a legendary stockpile … mehr Info...
  • Disk Drill 2.0.334

    Disk Drill 2.0.334

    CleverFiles - 15,6MB - Freeware -
    The transition is complete! Disk Drill, an expert in data recovery, finally comes from Mac infrastructure to any Windows computer near you.Disk Drill is a free professional-grade file recovery software, it values the importance of your … mehr Info...
  • Kaspersky Password Manager

    Kaspersky Password Manager

    Kaspersky Lab - 4,6MB - Freeware -
    Sichere Speicherung von Kennwörtern Kaspersky Password Manager speichert Kennwörter und wichtige Identitätsinformationen in einem verschlüsselten Speicher. mehr Info...
  • Fallout Shelter

    Fallout Shelter

    Bethesda Softworks - 7MB - Shareware -
    Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play mobile simulation video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. In Fallout Shelter, players build and manage their own Vault as an Overseer – the leader and coordinator of their Vault. mehr Info...
  • Cryptomator  1.3.1

    Cryptomator 1.3.1

    cryptomator.org - Shareware -
    Cryptomator provides client-side encryption for your cloud files. While the vault containing your encrypted data resides somewhere in your cloud folder, Cryptomator provides a virtual hard drive through which you can access your files. mehr Info...
  • Encrypt-Stick


    ENC Security Systems - Freeware -
    EncryptStick software converts YOUR USB flash drive into your personal vault and the key to access and LOCK your private files. EncryptStick software is the most advanced portable security application available on the market today. mehr Info...
  • SterJo Internet Explorer Passwords 1.0

    SterJo Internet Explorer Passwords 1.0

    SterJo Software - 0,7MB - Freeware -
    SterJo Internet Explorer Passwords will reveal all passwords and usernames stored by Microsoft Internet Explorer. For each password it will show the URL and it will find the storage location.Whenever you need to sign in to a website you … mehr Info...
  • Object FIX ZIP 1.7

    Object FIX ZIP 1.7

    Regall LLC - 1,1MB - Freeware -
    Object FIX ZIP ist ein freeware Programm, welches Zip Archivdateien repariert. Es rekonstruiert Zip Dateien indem es ein neues Zip Archiv erstellt um die Inhalte der beschädigten Dateien wiederherzustellen. mehr Info...
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tq vault telecharger