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  • Virtual DJ 8.3.5186

    Virtual DJ 8.3.5186

    Atomix - 37,4MB - Demo -
    VirtualDJ is the hottest MP3 mixing software, targeting every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars like Carl Cox.With its breakthrough BeatLock engine, your songs will always stay in the beat, and you can work your mixes … mehr Info...
  • Tweaking.Com Windows Repair 4.7.1

    Tweaking.Com Windows Repair 4.7.1 - 20,2MB - Freeware - - Windows Repairs section as always been completely free for personal use. We offer a Pro version. adds features like automatic updates, an enhanced drive cleaner, memory cleaner, speed tweaks and more. mehr Info...
  • DealPly 4.5

    DealPly 4.5

    DealPly - Freeware -
    DealPly is a browser add-on that makes your online shopping experience better. DealPly makes sure you always pay less by offering you alternative products, showing you same products on different stores with cheaper prices and exposing you … mehr Info...
  • Cue Club

    Cue Club

    Oberon Media - Kommerziell -
    Cue Club is a realistic and exciting pool game that lets you test your skills against opponents in a variety of games ranging from 8-ball to snooker. mehr Info...
  • Mini Metro

    Mini Metro

    Dinosaur Polo Club - Shareware -
    Mini Metro is a strategy simulation strategy video game developed by indie development team Dinosaur Polo Club. Players are tasked with constructing an efficient rail transit network for a rapidly growing city. mehr Info...
  • iStripper 1.2.240

    iStripper 1.2.240

    Totem Entertainment - 24,5MB - Freeware -
    Istripper relies on a unique technology of video inlay. Stripping models are shot in 4k UHD resolution in our own studios then their videos are processed by proprietary tools to be played by our unique software that will display up to 10 … mehr Info...
  • Tidal 2.2.4

    Tidal 2.2.4

    Exceed Global LLC - Shareware -
    Now You Can Create a Whole Room That Makes Everyone In It Gravitate To You... That's right. You're the Star. Not the alpha males visiting your party. Or the celebrities at the club. Or your frikkn best friend who always upstages you. mehr Info...
  • PokerStars it

    PokerStars it

    Download Poker Stars - Freeware -
    Download Poker stars and enjoy a special 100% sign up bonus on first deposit. Poker Stars host 20,000+ at any given time. Poker stars is considered to be a leader in poker tournaments online and 2nd in ring game volume of traffic. mehr Info...
  • Hidden Expedition: Everest

    Hidden Expedition: Everest - Shareware -
    Der Geheime Expeditionsklub schickte ein Mietglied zum Gipfeltreffen, das auf dem bekannten Everest stattfinden wird! Untersuchen Sie die mystischen Plätze und finden die versteckten Beweise in 30 verschiedenen Szenen. mehr Info...
  • Serif PhotoPlus 12.0

    Serif PhotoPlus 12.0

    Serif - Shareware -
    Mit der kostenlosen Bildbearbeitung „PhotoPlus“ optimieren Sie Ihre Fotos. Die Funktionspalette reicht von Spiegeln, Drehen und Strecken über die Korrektur von Kontrast und Helligkeit bis zu vielfältigen Zeichenwerkzeugen. mehr Info...
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