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  • Realsoft 3D 5.1

    Realsoft 3D 5.1

    Realsoft Graphics Oy - Shareware -
    Feature wise, Realsoft 3D is a full featured modelling, rendering, animation and simulation package. It introduces global illumination, multi-wavelength ray-traycing for accurate spectral caustics and other optical effects, sub-surface … mehr Info...
  • In the Days of the Comet 1.0

    In the Days of the Comet 1.0

    DNAML - Shareware -
    In the Days of the Comet is a fantasy story by H. G. Wells about a day in war when the earth suddenly pauses due to a collision with a comet. How will people perceive life once the world has been transformed? mehr Info...
  • The Ark Roleplaying Kernel 0.1.3

    The Ark Roleplaying Kernel 0.1.3

    Quentin Merigot - Open Source -
    The Ark Roleplaying Kernel is a roleplaying engine that will allow game developers to create a full-featured role playing game, without having to write a single line of C++. mehr Info...
  • Kyra Sprite Engine 1.6.4

    Kyra Sprite Engine 1.6.4

    Lee Thomason - Open Source -
    Kyra is a simple, fully featured Sprite engine written in C++. The Kyra engine is suited to 2D, isometric, and quasi-3D games. It is built on topof SDL for cross platform use. It supports tiles,sprites, and user drawn surfaces. mehr Info...
  • Crogai 0.2

    Crogai 0.2

    Nicolas Brodu - Open Source -
    Crogai is a mix of crowd simulation, artificial intelligence, and genetic algorithms. It ispossible to set up simulations and test differentAI in a full 3D environment with a small physicsengine, terrain, collision handling, etc. mehr Info...
  • Alpha Shooter 0.0.3

    Alpha Shooter 0.0.3

    Nicola Cocchiaro - Open Source -
    Alpha Shooter is a 3D OpenGL first-person shooter game with a sci-fi setting. It features multi-platform support (Linux, Mac OS X, CygWin, and Windows), a 3D environment built with OpenGL, GLU, and GLUT, dynamic lighting, a shooting … mehr Info...
  • view3dscene 3.0.0

    view3dscene 3.0.0

    Michalis Kamburelis - Open Source -
    view3dscene is a viewer for VRML 1.0, VRML 2.0(aka VRML 97), 3DS, and MD3 files. It supports viewingthe scene in the "Examine" mode and walking in thevirtual world with features such as collisiondetection and gravity. mehr Info...
  • Road Trip 2008

    Road Trip 2008

    WasatchWare - Shareware -
    Road Trip 2008 is a driving simulator that uses actual terrain data, photo-realistic textures, and actual highway alignment data to render realistic roadway graphics. mehr Info...
  • Hookworm 2000

    Hookworm 2000

    Softpile Inc. - Shareware -
    Hookworm 2000 is the classic arcade worm-like game, a throw back to the early days of arcade! The game goal is to operate the moving worm and to eat apples. Try avoid collision with walls, worm body and other worms. Eat apples and grow! mehr Info...
  • The Whale Game

    The Whale Game

    The Whale Game is a point and click 'board' game. Players observe the health of several oceans, test the DNA of whale meat bought in Japan or Iceland, and encounter hostile whaling fleets, hurricanes or typhoons, tsunamis, industrial … mehr Info...