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  • Subsonic 6.1.1

    Subsonic 6.1.1

    Sindre Mehus - Open Source -
    Subsonic is a Web-based media streamer. Although primarily designed for MP3, it works for any media format that can stream over HTTP (for instance WMA and OGG). mehr Info...
  • RSSOwl 2.2.1

    RSSOwl 2.2.1

    RSSOwl - Open Source -
    RSSOwl ist ein freier, plattform-unabhängiger Newsreader für RSS-, RDF- und Atom-Newsfeeds. Entwickelt wurde er in Java mit SWT als schneller, nativer Grafik-Bibliothek. mehr Info...
  • myCollections


    myCollections - 11,8MB - Freeware -
    myCollections ist das perfekte Tool für die Organisation Deiner Multimedia Inhalte. Manage Deine Apps, Bücher(e-books), Spiele, Musik, Filme und Serien mithilfe einer einzigen Anwendung.Organisiere und manage Deine digitalen … mehr Info...
  • Octyx


    Octyx manages your Books, Songs, Movies, Components, Wines, Stamps and Contacts. It has also a very complete personal Document manager, a Password manager, a To-do manager and extensive Calendar and Planning functions. mehr Info...
  • Xapian and Omega 1.0.8

    Xapian and Omega 1.0.8

    Olly Betts - Open Source -
    Xapian is a search engine library, scalable tocollections containing hundreds of millions ofdocuments. It's written in C++ with bindings forPerl, Python, PHP, Java, Tcl, C#, and Ruby. mehr Info...
  • m3ute2


    Jody Burns - Open Source -
    m3ute2 is a CLI program designed for easily moving subsets of large media collections from one location to another while providing information to the user about what it is doing. mehr Info...
  • Video Snapshots Genius Business License 1.0

    Video Snapshots Genius Business License 1.0

    Lonking,Inc - Shareware -
    Video Snapshots Genius allows you to quickly and easily captures your favorite movie scenes of MPEG, AVI, WMV, DivX, RealMedia, QuickTime and DVD files to single picture files or thumbnail galleries in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF types of … mehr Info...
  • TE-CODE:  te-common 3.0.3

    TE-CODE: te-common 3.0.3

    AST - Open Source -
    TE-CODE: te-common is a library of utility classesproviding the following features: object-orientedparsing of command line arguments/interfaces,filtering and sorting of items in standardcollections, an extensible configuration … mehr Info...
  • Nova Art Explosion 800,000

    Nova Art Explosion 800,000

    Nova Development - Kommerziell -
    Art Explosion. It's the brand that computer users everywhere keep coming back to again and again. And for good reason. Art Explosion products are well known for unparalleled variety and the highest quality possible. mehr Info...
  • dupliFinder


    Marcus Wynwood - Open Source -
    dupliFinder is a graphical tool that searchesdirectories on your computer for duplicate filesby checking and comparing the MD5 sum of eachfile. This means that the contents of the file areexamined, not the filename. mehr Info...