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  • Prio 65545.524288

    Prio 65545.524288

    O&K Software - 0,6MB - Shareware -
    Prio is a utility for saving the priority of applications and interface enhancements for the standard Task Manager.The main purpose of Prio isSaving the priority of each process.Detecting the full path to the executable file and providing … mehr Info...
  • O&K Print Watch

    O&K Print Watch

    O&K Software - 8,3MB - Shareware -
    Druckmanager kontrolliert und verwaltet Druckkosten in Ihrem Unternehmen. O&K Print Watch informiert die Betriebsleitung über die wahren Druckkosten, indem alle Druckjobs, ob sie an einen Lokal- oder Netzwerkdrucker gesendet … mehr Info...
  • O&K Work Spy

    O&K Work Spy

    O&K Software - Shareware -
    O&K Work Spy - Tool for collecting the exact statistics of what the user does in real time. The main purpose of O&K Work Spy is -How to evaluate what your employees spend their office hours on? How effectively do they use this time? mehr Info...
  • O&K Printer Viewer Pro 2.3

    O&K Printer Viewer Pro 2.3

    O&K Software - 2,7MB - Shareware -
    O&K Printer Viewer is a tool for viewing printed files. This program will help you view what you or someone else prints on your printer. mehr Info...