Maxthon MX5

Maxthon MX5

Maxthon International Ltd. - 45,9MB - Freeware

Maxthon MX5 läuft unter Android, iOS und Windows. Die Download-Datei hat eine Größe von 45,9MB.

Größe: 45,9MB
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
Lizenz: Freeware
Datum: 01.01.2020
Hersteller: Maxthon International Ltd.

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MX5 is a next generation browser developed by Maxthon, makers of the well-known browser of same name. MX5 introduces three unique new features:

1. Infobox: This is what Maxthon calls a "personal information center". It integrates classic bookmark with multi-media note-taking in the cloud. Bookmarks, notes, and screenshots are saved in the cloud and can be accessed from multiple devices. Other features include support for cross-platform data synchronization, offline visiting and free 1 GB of new uploads monthly.

2. Passkeeper: Mathon's innovative password management solution is called passkeeper. Not only does it store and fill in passwords, it also helps users by automatically generating strong passwords. Passwords stored in Passkeeper are encrypted using AES256 and stored in the cloud to provide synchronization across all devices.

3. UUMail: UUMail is a virtual email inbox. It's not a real mailbox, but rather a management tool for multiple mailboxes. UUMail allows one mailbox to control all of the user's mailboxes. UUMail users can create numerous shadow email IDs that connect to their personal email box.