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  • QuickTime


    Apple Inc. - Shareware -
    QuickTime is Apple's cutting-edge digital media software for both Mac and Windows-based computers delivers unparalleled quality for creating, playing and streaming audio and video content over the Internet. more info...
  • mediastreamer 3.0.15

    mediastreamer 3.0.15

    Simon Morlat - Open Source -
    Mediastreamer is a portable C library that allows you to create and run audio and video streams. It is designed for any kind of voice over IP applications. more info...
  • CommView for WiFi  7.1.833

    CommView for WiFi 7.1.833

    TamoSoft - 67.8MB - Shareware -
    CommView for WiFi is a special edition of CommView designed for capturing and analyzing network packets on wireless 802.11a/b/g networks. CommView for WiFi gathers information from the wireless adapter and decodes the analyzed data. more info...
  • VCX Library 3.0.2012.4

    VCX Library 3.0.2012.4

    Lake of Soft, Ltd - 2.5MB - Shareware -
    ActiveX (VCX) Library is a set of COM controls designed to utilize audio devices, codecs, TCP/IP stack and RTP/RTSP protocols to help developers build robust and scalable real-time audio streaming applications in a short time.* Low latency … more info...
  • Robust Audio Tool 4.2.23

    Robust Audio Tool 4.2.23

    Colin Perkins - Open Source -
    RAT is an RTP audio conferencing and streaming application that allows users to particpate in point-to-point and multi-point audio conferences over the Internet. more info...
  • Speak Freely 7.6

    Speak Freely 7.6

    OS Development - Freeware -
    Speak Freely is a Cross Platform Internet telephony (Voice Chat) application which provides high quality voice grade audio with GSM and CELP compression and encryption with DES, Blowfish, and IDEA ciphers. more info...
  • Elecard AVC PlugIn 2.3

    Elecard AVC PlugIn 2.3

    Elecard Ltd - Shareware -
    Elecard AVC PlugIn is the package of Elecard components for AVC/H.264 (MPEG-4 P.10 ISO/IEC 14496-10) and AAC (ISO/IEC 13818-7) data decoding. more info...
  • Jabbin


    Neustradamus - Open Source -
    Jabbin is an instant messaging program that allowsfree PC to PC calls using the VoIP system over theJabber network. Jabbin uses the TINS protocol,which allows a direct connection between twocustomers and takes advantage of the potential … more info...
  • Doc to FlipBook for Mac

    Doc to FlipBook for Mac

    A-PDF.com - Shareware -
    Doc to FlipBook for MAC is a tool that only runs on MAC specializes in increasing the marketability and improving the pleasure of common RTP, TXT, and Doc files which look dull and boring. more info...
  • Tekaba 1.2

    Tekaba 1.2

    KaplanSoft - 1.6MB - Shareware -
    Tekaba is a SIP media gateway (Based on RFC 3261) runs under Windows (Vista/7/8, 2003/2008/2012 Server). Major features; Simple, easy to use interface. Real time monitoring of active calls. Forwards incoming SMS as a SIP MESSAGE request. more info...
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