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  • BlueStacks App Player

    BlueStacks App Player

    BlueStack Systems, Inc. - 3.8MB - Freeware -
    With the new hybrid convertible form factors, BlueStacks completely eliminates the need to carry two devices. In the end, the consumer will be getting the advantages of both Android and Windows on the same computer. more info...
  • Crossfire 1.83

    Crossfire 1.83

    Bob Tanner - Open Source -
    Arcade game based on the CBS television series starring Jan Michael-Vincent and Ernest Borgnine as a pair of mercenaries who flew a high-tech military helicopter on various and sundry missions. more info...
  • Devil May Cry 4

    Devil May Cry 4

    CapCom - Commercial -
    Devil May Cry is a strange hybrid, its DNA spliced from strains of Resident Evil and Onimusha, its star player born of an unholy union between western and eastern lead character traits as much as between the human and devil worlds. more info...
  • Common18 3.1

    Common18 3.1

    Canadian Mind Products - Freeware -
    Age : computes age in years, months, days BigDate : replacement for Date, calendar calculations CheckPermission : check permission ClipboardPoker : put something in clipboard CMPAboutBox : AWT About box CMPAboutJBox : Swing Abount box... more info...
  • App Builder 1.0

    App Builder 1.0

    David Esperalta - Shareware -
    App Builder is a program for Microsoft Windows which allow non programmers and also advanced programmers to create their own HTML5 and hybrid apps. Both app design and behaviour are made in a visual and assisted way. more info...
  • aeroTAP Hybrid

    aeroTAP Hybrid

    nextEDGE Technology K.K. - Shareware -
    By using aeroTAP Hybrid, you can control your PC via Web camera or Leap Motion without touching any device. aeroTAP Hybrid is touchless interface solution for Windows PC. more info...
  • Hybrid 2015.07.01.1

    Hybrid 2015.07.01.1

    Selur´s Hybrid - Shareware -
    Hybrid is a multi platform (Linux/Mac OS X/Windows) Qt based frontend for a bunch of other tools which can convert nearly every input to x264/Xvid/VP8 + ac3/ogg/mp3/aac/flac inside an mp4/m2ts/mkv/webm/mov/avi container, a Blu-ray or an AVC... more info...
  • Nemerle 0.9.3

    Nemerle 0.9.3

    Michal Moskal - Open Source -
    Nemerle is a hybrid (functional, object-oriented and imperative) programming language for the .NET platform. The key features of the language include C#-like syntax, easy access to functional, object-oriented, and imperative features, p... more info...
  • abylon ENTERPRISE 7.3

    abylon ENTERPRISE 7.3

    abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde - 16MB - Shareware -
    The protection of the computer and stored files against undesirable access is more and more important. This comprehensive software package offers innovative and professional security and encryption modules for private and business use. more info...
  • N10-004 Chap Introduction to Networks

    N10-004 Chap Introduction to Networks

    Techno Student Online - Shareware -
    The networking training videos contained in this product will help novice users as well as technical professionals master networking concepts. The videos contain demonstrations on how networking components work. more info...
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