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devide by sheep

  • BlackSheep 0.67

    BlackSheep 0.67

    troggan - Open Source -
    Black Sheep is an easy to understand and use Javaaddress organizer. You can add as many phonenumbers or addresses as you like; there are nolimitations except for memory. more info...
  • Hunting Unlimited 3 1.2

    Hunting Unlimited 3 1.2

    SCS Software - 308.5MB - Demo -
    Prepare yourself for the most realistic hunting experience ever! Travel throughout the United States, Canada and exotic Zambia to lock your sights on the prey of a lifetime. more info...
  • ElectricSheep 2.6.6

    ElectricSheep 2.6.6

    ElectricSheep 2.6.7b3 - Shareware -
    The Electric Sheep screensaver realizes thecollective dream of sleeping computers from allover the Internet. It harnesses idle computersinto a render farm for the purpose of animatingand evolving artificial organisms. more info...
  • Funky Farm 1.1

    Funky Farm 1.1

    Sortasoft - 6.6MB - Shareware -
    Lead a simpler, funkier life on the Funky Farm. Make money raising livestock so you can spend it at the general store. Keep your sheep safe from wild wolves by keeping them in flocks, building fences, and protecting them with a sheepdog. more info...
  • Animal Portraits 1 1.0

    Animal Portraits 1 1.0

    If you like animals, not only the spectacular like tiger, elephant, lion (which you find here also), but as well like to have a look at a cow, a sheep or a young pig, then you will really like this screensaver. more info...
  • FLAM3


    Scott Draves - Open Source -
    FLAM3 is the rendering engine for the Electric Sheep distributed screensaver. It allows you to manipulate, animate, render, and evolve abstract imagery. more info...
  • Awesome Animator 10.5

    Awesome Animator 10.5

    Awesome Animator - 2MB - Shareware -
    If you are a beginner at animation or a professional looking for a new tool for your toolbox, Awesome Animator could be for you. You may have seen Flash animations or banners on web-pages and wondered how to create them. more info...
  • Adventures of Ambages

    Adventures of Ambages

    Xing Interactive (UK) - Shareware -
    The Adventures of Ambages is a 3D action adventure game in which you guide the hero (called Ambages) to slay hordes of evil Goblins and rid the land of their tyranny! Somewhere in this world, there is a place called Animaland. more info...
  • Emerald Realms - Donator Rank

    Emerald Realms - Donator Rank

    Lake Point Software - Shareware -
    When you buy the Donator rank you will get: $5000 For the shops /top command /tpa commands /repair to repair any tools in hand /back to return to previous location Join full servers Disguise and a sheep, pig and, cow have up to 3 /homes more info...
  • Count the Sheep II 1.0

    Count the Sheep II 1.0

    Novel Games Limited - Shareware -
    This is a little game that tests your memory and your multitasking ability. In this game you will see sheep going in and out of a barn, your task is to count the number of sheep left in the barn afterwards. It is not as easy as it sounds. more info...
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