atmel i2c-hid maxtouch

atmel i2c-hid maxtouch

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atmel i2c-hid maxtouch

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atmel i2c-hid maxtouch

  • Dr. Hardware 17.5

    Dr. Hardware 17.5

    Peter A. Gebhard - 3.2MB - Freeware -
    CPUCooL (see screen shot) displays all units connected to an I2C bus. It works with the LX/BX chipset (Intel PIIX4), ALI Aladdin V, Via MVP3, and SIS 5595 motherboards. more info...
  • AVRStudio4 4.15.623

    AVRStudio4 4.15.623

    Atmel Corp - Freeware -
    AVR Studio® 4 is the new professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing and debugging AVR® applications in Windows® 9x/NT/2000/XP environments.AVR Studio 4 includes an assembler and a simulator. more info...
  • Blue Terminal Free Version 1.16

    Blue Terminal Free Version 1.16

    Electronic System Design - 14.5MB - Shareware -
    Blue Terminal is a serial emulator program for Windows only, and is customised to work with the Bluegiga range of bluetooth modules. more info...
  • PonyProg 2.7

    PonyProg 2.7

    Claudio Lanconelli - Open Source -
    PonyProg is a serial device programmer with a user friendly GUI framework available for Intel Linux and Windows. Its purpose is being able to read from and write to most serial devices. more info...
  • Dyno Kid

    Dyno Kid - Shareware -
    Help Dyno Kid in his search for the Diamond of Destiny. Rumour has it an old adventurer called Jimbo hid Diamond inside a treasure chest before his sudden end when he tripped over a cabbage and fell into a big bear hole. more info...
  • SkyEye


    Michael Opdenacker - Open Source -
    Originating from GDB/Armulator, the SkyEye projectaims to provide an integrated simulationenvironment in Linux and Windows. more info...
  • AVR Downloader/UploaDEr

    AVR Downloader/UploaDEr

    Optophonic - Open Source -
    AVRDUDE (AVR Downloader Uploader) is a program fordownloading and uploading the on-chip memories ofAtmel's AVR microcontrollers. It can program theFlash and EEPROM. more info...
  • libhid


    madduck - Open Source -
    libhid is a user-space HID access library. It provides a generic and flexible way to access and interact with USB HID devices, much like libusb does for plain USB devices. more info...
  • Open-BLDC


    Piotr Esden-Tempski - Open Source -
    Open-BLDC is firmware for STM32 microcontroller based brushless motor controllers. The goal of the project is to support active freewheeling, active break, adjustable timings, rotation speed and power controllers, and many more. more info...
  • amforth


    Matthias Trute - Open Source -
    amforth is an interactive and extendible command interpreter for the Atmel AVR ATmega microcontroller family. It has a turnkey feature for embedded use as well. It does not depend on a host application. more info...
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