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  • Mozilla Kiosk 0.5.0

    Mozilla Kiosk 0.5.0

    Jim Massey - Open Source -
    Mozilla Kiosk is a kiosk-style Web browser. The interface contains only the minimum necessary items, and is easily configurable. more info...
  • YahooPOPs! 0.3.6

    YahooPOPs! 0.3.6

    Andrew Lynch - Open Source -
    YahooPOPs! is an application which emulates a POP3 mail server and provides free POP3 access to Yahoo! It does not depend on Yahoo's POP3 mail server. You can use a POP3 mail client of your choice. more info...
  • Mozilla Exporter 0.1

    Mozilla Exporter 0.1

    footprints - Open Source -
    Mozilla Exporter is a utility that converts theconfiguration files of the Mozilla Web browserfrom the format used by the Linux version to theformat used by the Windows version. more info...
  • MOOzilla 0.9.8

    MOOzilla 0.9.8

    Mathieu Fenniak - Open Source -
    MOOzilla is an HTML rendering MOO/MU* client developed as an add-on component for Mozilla. It allows inline HTML text to be rendered as part of a MOO/MU* session, similar to the Windows-only Pueblo client, but with the power of the Mozilla … more info...
  • MozPos 0.0.2

    MozPos 0.0.2

    KOGuma - Open Source -
    MozPos is a modern, full-fledged Point-of-Sale system created and extensible under the Mozilla framework. Targeting small to large businesses and enterprises, it aims to use open Internet standards in creating a truly modern point of sale … more info...
  • Copper Project Manager

    Copper Project Manager

    Clutch Cargo - Shareware -
    Copper is a leading Web-based project managementand collaboration tool that allows teams to shareinformation and files more effectively. Itincludes modules for clients, projects, tasks,contacts, files, and reports. more info...
  • JiveAudio 2.0.8

    JiveAudio 2.0.8

    Kaz Sasayama - Open Source -
    JiveAudio is a multimedia plugin forMozilla/Netscape. It supports embedded audio mediaof audio/basic, audio/x-wav, audio/wav,audio/x-midi, and audio/midi types. more info...
  • FCKosc 2.0

    FCKosc 2.0

    Jody (computrguru) - Open Source -
    FCKosc puts a WYSIWYG HTML editor intoOsCommerce's admin section in productdescriptions, newsletters, and the main page.FCKosc is built on FCKeditor. This editor willwork in IE 5.5+, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+, andNetscape 7+. more info...
  • Ciphire Mail Security Reports for Thunderbird 0.4.0

    Ciphire Mail Security Reports for Thunderbird 0.4.0

    Ciphire Labs - Freeware -
    Ciphire Mail Security Reports for Thunderbird isan extension for Mozilla Thunderbird (Version 1.0or greater) which reads the X-Ciphire-Reportheader in incoming email messages and marksCiphire-protected and authenticated messages … more info...
  • Deskzilla 1.6.1

    Deskzilla 1.6.1

    ALM Works - Shareware -
    Deskzilla is a desktop client for Mozilla's Bugzilla™ bug-tracking system. It allows you to search for issues, view issues and modify them in a neat and interactive interface.Deskzilla's extra features such as ability to work offline or … more info...