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  • Python Desktop Server 0.7.3

    Python Desktop Server 0.7.3

    Georg Bauer - Open Source -
    The Python Desktop Server is a combined Weblog authoring tool, XMLRPC/SOAP server, and news aggregator. It allows one to read RSS news feeds, publish a Web site to a community server (such as Radio Community Server or Python Community … more info...
  • Distributed FTP Daemon 1.1.4

    Distributed FTP Daemon 1.1.4

    Morgan Christiansson - Open Source -
    DrFTPD is an FTP server written in Java. It doesnot handle transfers in the same way that normalFTP servers do. Instead, it merges multiple FTPsites into one, creating a distributed FTPsite/FTP cluster containing one master and … more info...
  • BlackMoon FTP Server

    BlackMoon FTP Server

    Selom Ofori - Shareware -
    BlackMoon is a native windows2000 and XP ftp server application with features such as remote administration, services, virtual directories, user and group accounts, file resuming and passive mode transfers, unlimited accounts and … more info...
  • Core FTP Server 2.0.647

    Core FTP Server 2.0.647

    CoreFTP.com - 1.8MB - Shareware -
    Core FTP Server - secure FTP server with SSL/TLS/FTPS, SSH/SFTP, HTTPS support virtual paths, access rules, certificate authentication and much more... Easy, quick setup allows you to start sharing your files in minutes! more info...
  • FileCOPA FTP Server 8.1

    FileCOPA FTP Server 8.1

    InterVations, Inc. - 9.6MB - Shareware -
    FileCOPA takes the hard work out of running a secure FTP Server. The FileCOPA FTP Server installs on any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system with just a few clicks of the mouse and automatically configures itself for … more info...
  • Gene6 FTP Server

    Gene6 FTP Server

    Gene6 SARL - 4MB - Shareware -
    Gene6 FTP Server is a professional Windows FTP Server featuring speed, reliability and customization. Its main assets are remote administration, encrypted (SSL) connection, and ease of use. more info...
  • HomeFTP 1.1

    HomeFTP 1.1

    Helmsman - 1.3MB - Shareware -
    FTP server that is easy to useYou can have shared files in your local network with most comfort. Of course you can use standard Windows tools for it, but then you'll have to put up with some nasty nuisances. more info...
  • Internet Access Manager 1.22

    Internet Access Manager 1.22

    SoftFolder Inc - Shareware -
    Internet Access Manager is a nifty utility you can use to schedule and simplify your access to the Internet or to another computer. It's designed to help you make and maintain Internet connection with as little fuss as possible. more info...
  • Ocean FTP Server

    Ocean FTP Server

    Code Ocean - Shareware -
    Ocean FTP Server is a secure and easy to use FTP server with many advanced features. Groups and virtual folders with individual permissions allow you to configure complex account scenarios. more info...
  • Selenium Server 1.0

    Selenium Server 1.0

    BiBa SOFTWARE - Freeware -
    Selenium Server lets you create a FTP or a WEB server with a few clicks. Server features include multiple files or folders with specific read/write permissions, login or annonymous access, multiple connections, tray icons to easily monitor … more info...