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  • ClocX 1.5.2

    ClocX 1.5.2

    BonSoft - 0.9MB - Freeware -
    Beautiful popular analog clock for your Windows desktop. It supports many features like antialiasing, transparency and mouse-over transparency, skins with alphablending, click through, customizable priority, autoload, alarms with ability … more info...
  • WebCam Monitor 6.21

    WebCam Monitor 6.21

    DeskShare - 6.3MB - Shareware -
    WebCam Monitor turns your PC into a video surveillance system. Use any camera with WebCam Monitor to detect an intrusion or other unusual activity. more info...
  • Multilingual Speaking Clock ver 2.52

    Multilingual Speaking Clock ver 2.52

    Lux Aeterna - Freeware -
    Speaking alarm clock which announces the time in over 30 different languages (English, French and German are included, additional languages are available on the website) . Includes alarm that can announce the time and play any WAV-file. more info...
  • EarthTime 5.11

    EarthTime 5.11

    DeskSoft - 0.5MB - Shareware -
    EarthTime displays the local time and date of any place in the world. It has a built-in database of more than 3000 cities worldwide but users can add any number of custom locations. more info...
  • The Time Machine 1.32.358.36

    The Time Machine 1.32.358.36

    DNAML - Shareware -
    Professional looking clocks, skinable calendar, atomic synchronizer and organizer.The Time Machine is a massive set of components and functions, completely covering all the tasks of managing your computer clocks. more info...
  • TimeLeft 3.64

    TimeLeft 3.64

    NesterSoft Inc. - 2.3MB - Freeware -
    TimeLeft is a clock, tray clock, countdown, reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, desktop sticker and time synchronization utility. TimeLeft uses Winamp skins to show digits and text. more info...
  • Alarm++ 8.0.12

    Alarm++ 8.0.12

    Alarm++ - Shareware -
    Alarm++ - Each alarm can repeat at many different intervals, such as every fewminutes, hours, days, months, or years. They can repeat any number of times, from once to forever or until a specific date. more info...
  • NJStar Chinese Pen 2.60

    NJStar Chinese Pen 2.60

    NJStar Software Corp. - 21.9MB - Shareware -
    >> Chinese Handwriting Recognition:Now you can input Chinese by writing it - no need to memorize input strings in various Chinese input coding scheme. more info...
  • A.L.A.R.M. 7.4

    A.L.A.R.M. 7.4

    Moritz Bartl - Freeware -
    Imagine sitting in front of your laptop in an unprotected area (university, library, at work) and you have to leave it unattended for a short period of time. That's where A.L.A.R.M. comes into play. more info...
  • SideSlide 4.0.23

    SideSlide 4.0.23

    NorthGlide Systems - 1.1MB - Shareware -
    SideSlide enables you to create a custom launchpad for programs, documents and folders, using a mini-desktop that hides on the edge of your screen until you activate it with your mouse. more info...