Tag Night

  • Crossfire 1.83

    Crossfire 1.83

    Bob Tanner - Open Source -
    Arcade game based on the CBS television series starring Jan Michael-Vincent and Ernest Borgnine as a pair of mercenaries who flew a high-tech military helicopter on various and sundry missions. more info...
  • EarthView 5.8.2

    EarthView 5.8.2

    DeskSoft - 17MB - Shareware -
    EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screen saver, which displays beautiful views of the earth with daylight and night shadows. more info...
  • Sky Chart 4.0.3575

    Sky Chart 4.0.3575

    Patrick Chevalley - Open Source -
    SkyChart is software to draw a map of the night sky for the amateur astronomer from a bunch of stars and nebulae catalogs. It shows the position of the planets, simulates an eclipse, and shows artificial satellites. more info...
  • NightVision 1.3

    NightVision 1.3

    VanDerLee - Freeware -
    NightVision is a plug-in for PhotoShop compatible plug-in hosts. It will work with applications such as PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint, PhotoImpact and Picture Publisher amongst many others.Use the NightVision plug-in to create … more info...
  • Advanced Web Ranking 7.5

    Advanced Web Ranking 7.5

    Philip Petrescu - Shareware -
    Checking your web site position is a very time consuming task. For example, if you have 10 keywords that you want to monitor, and you want to check the top 20 positions for 10 search engines, you need to perform about 200 (10 keywords * 10 … more info...
  • Night Light IRC Proxy 1.3.2

    Night Light IRC Proxy 1.3.2

    Jonas Kvinge - Open Source -
    Night Light IRC Proxy is an Internet Relay Chat Proxy, which works as a layer between your IRC client and the IRC server. It features bouncer capability and has more features, flexibility, and configuration options than other tools. more info...
  • Twins Stream Ripper 1.0

    Twins Stream Ripper 1.0

    Twins Software - Shareware -
    With Twins Stream Ripper you can enjoy your favorite online Radio Stations, offline, whenever you want! In just 3 simple steps you can save that special show, concert, or a song you heard on the radio, to your harddrive as an MP3 … more info...
  • Pineapple 3 1.0

    Pineapple 3 1.0

    jeko - Open Source -
    Pineapple 3 is a small 3D shooter game. The playeris sheriff of a small town in the far west. Duringa dark night of summer, a group of crazy peoplecome to town to kill everyone. The player mustkill them before all the citizens die. more info...
  • Uncle Vanya 1.0

    Uncle Vanya 1.0

    DNAML - Shareware -
    Quote, "MARINA. [Shaking her head] This house is topsy-turvy! The Professor gets up at noon, the samovar is kept boiling all the morning, and everything has to wait for him. more info...
  • DeskoverX 1.2

    DeskoverX 1.2

    Mane und Frischeisen GmbH - 35.1MB - Shareware -
    The Desktop Information and Animation Center. Replace your Wallpaper with a Calendar, Websearch Tools or Browsers. Admire a stunning Earth Simulation, thousands of Webcams, Slideshows or unique combinations of all of this. more info...