Tag Databases

  • JCards 5.1.1

    JCards 5.1.1

    Nick Sydenham - Open Source -
    JCards is a Java application designed to store and manage data in any format that the user defines. Instead of having multiple applications/spreadsheets/databases to manage passwords, tasks, shopping lists, etc., JCards allows the user to … more info...
  • Liferay 1.8

    Liferay 1.8

    suresh shamanna - Open Source -
    Liferay is an enterprise portal. It handles users and portletdrawing, has a full administrative interface, supports all the majordatabases and the main J2EE application servers, and has singlesign-on capabilities and multiple language … more info...
  • ObjectDB for Java/JDO

    ObjectDB for Java/JDO

    ObjectDB Software - Freeware -
    ObjectDB for Java/JDO is a powerful yet compact Java Data Objects (JDO) Object Database (ODBMS), written entirely in Java, and compliant with the Java Data Objects (JDO) standard developed by Sun (JSR12). more info...
  • PyBackend 0.1

    PyBackend 0.1

    K Raghu Prasad - Open Source -
    PyBackend is a Python module which provides object persistence through a relational database backend. You need not write SQL queries within your Python class to store or retrieve object-attributes. more info...
  • MIB Smithy SDK 3.4.4

    MIB Smithy SDK 3.4.4

    Muonics - Shareware -
    MIB Smithy SDK is a dynamic extension to Tcl/Tk(8.1+) that allows development of custom scriptsfor controlling SNMP agents, manipulating SMIdefinitions, doing conversions, and more. more info...
  • QueryForm 1.4

    QueryForm 1.4

    Dave Glasser - Open Source -
    QueryForm is a Java GUI application that provides a powerful form-based front end for relational databases. It supports multiple concurrent connections to different databases. more info...
  • qDoc 3.0

    qDoc 3.0

    Burningbox SA - 6MB - Demo -
    Burningbox qDoc data reports editor is a software that can create reports from your databases. This software can access most common databases. You can define until 250 sections in your document and add colorful 2D or 3D charts. more info...
  • SQL Pretty Printer 3.0.5

    SQL Pretty Printer 3.0.5

    Gudu Software - Shareware -
    SQL Pretty printer is a tool to beautify sql code in any editors with a hotkey,make it more readable. Support Query Analyzer, SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS),VS2003/2005,Toad and common editors such as UltraEdit. more info...
  • VROOM 1.8

    VROOM 1.8

    MerrittLabs - Shareware -
    VROOM (Versatile Read-Only Oracle Monitor) is a cross-platform performance monitor for Oracle databases. VROOM provides a graphical interface to much of the information stored in the Oracle data dictionary. more info...
  • Ebase 3.4

    Ebase 3.4

    Ebase Technology Ltd - Shareware -
    Revolutionary transactional web application development environment. High speed development of transactional web applications, ranging from EFORMS to sophisticated back office systems. Includes enterprise workflow and integration engine. more info...