• Paradise Birds Screensaver 2.0

    Paradise Birds Screensaver 2.0 - 1.6MB - Freeware -
    It's just great! Want to see the beautiful sunset in the tropical forest? Then our new Paradise Birds screensaver was created especially for you! We present you absolutely free animated nature screensaver. more info...
  • Happy Valentines Screensaver 2.0

    Happy Valentines Screensaver 2.0 - 0.9MB - Freeware -
    Here comes Valentine's Day! This is one of the most loved holidays of the year. It is fun and easy. On this day we present Valentines to our second halves. That's our new screensaver Happy Valentine can serve as a Valentine. more info...
  • Holiday Champagne Screensaver 1.0

    Holiday Champagne Screensaver 1.0 - 6MB - Freeware -
    You have not seen this screensaver probably yet! Amazing holiday screensaver. For all the people who love atmosphere of the holiday, Christmas and New Year. To create a festive mood! more info...
  • Digital Countdown Screensaver 1.0

    Digital Countdown Screensaver 1.0 - 26.3MB - Freeware -
    Attention to all people who are waiting for the New Year! Especially for you we made this digital countdown screensaver! What is a screensaver? The screen being a digital countdown clock to the New Year date. It is very exciting! more info...
  • Pumpkin Fire Screensaver 1.0

    Pumpkin Fire Screensaver 1.0 - 12.4MB - Freeware -
    Another free pumpkin screensaver for Halloween holiday. This day is now loved by adults and children. Before our days this holiday had a gloomy character. more info...
  • Japan Spring Screensaver 1.0

    Japan Spring Screensaver 1.0 - 12MB - Freeware -
    The legendary Fuji Mount is considered the national symbol of Japan. Thanks to almost perfect symmetry and elegance of the silhouette. more info...
  • Silver Clock Screensaver 2.0

    Silver Clock Screensaver 2.0 - 4.3MB - Freeware -
    Do you want to decorate your desktop? Then we have a gentle and stylish screensaver Silver Clock for you. Wonderful analog clock with is framed by white flowers.High quality and realistic animated snowflakes certainly will make you happy … more info...
  • Spring Love Screensaver 1.0

    Spring Love Screensaver 1.0 - 2MB - Freeware -
    Present to your attention our new Spring Love Screensaver. We have it specially dedicated to all lovers. Beautiful and high-quality animation, unobtrusive but tastefully executed screensaver will decorate your desktop. more info...
  • Morning Snowfall Screensaver 1.0

    Morning Snowfall Screensaver 1.0 - 2.8MB - Freeware -
    We bring to your attention our new charming screensaver Morning Snowfall. Before your eyes appear cozy winter landscape, where you will see the lovely houses, standing in the forest surrounded by snow-covered trees. more info...
  • Christmas Snowfall Screensaver 1.0

    Christmas Snowfall Screensaver 1.0 - 2.8MB - Freeware -
    Why do we love Christmas and New Year? These days more than ever we feel the value of the home warmth and comfort. We decorate our house before Christmas, the homes start to sparkle trim the Christmas tree, decorated with bright toys. more info...