• MovieCut 4.0

    MovieCut 4.0

    Abelssoft - 58.4MB - Commercial -
    MovieCut is a program from Abelssoft that can serve every user immediately. It cuts videos in seconds, lightens the dark scenes and adds a final by adding a mood music to the scene. more info...
  • CHIP Updater 2.44

    CHIP Updater 2.44

    Abelssoft - Shareware -
    CHIP Updater informiert über verfügbare Programmupdates. Installierte Programme und Tools sollten immer auf dem aktuellen Stand gehalten werden. Die Software hilft Ihnen im Versions-Chaos den Überblick zu behalten. more info...
  • EverDoc 2018.3.26

    EverDoc 2018.3.26

    Abelssoft - 20MB - Commercial -
    Digital Document Management TomorrowPDFs, pictures, or emails - you can now digitally archive everything easily and clearly. Simply print the desired documents while automatically archiving is performed in the background more info...
  • Send2Phone 2018.2.0

    Send2Phone 2018.2.0

    Abelssoft - 5.3MB - Shareware -
    Nowadays almost everybody owns a mobile and a PC and probably the need to “just” move a file from your PC to your mobile too. more info...
  • Win10 PrivacyFix 2.0

    Win10 PrivacyFix 2.0

    Abelssoft - 1.8MB - Shareware -
    Win10PrivacyFix blocks Microsoft's data transfer server and disables the appropriate services to foil Microsoft's attempts to gather your personal information. more info...
  • Abelssoft Undeleter 4.2

    Abelssoft Undeleter 4.2

    Abelssoft - 4.1MB - Shareware -
    Abelssoft Undeleter is a file rescue package that can be used to get back files that have been previously deleted. more info...
  • KeyDepot 2018.5.3

    KeyDepot 2018.5.3

    Abelssoft - 5.6MB - Shareware -
    Password management with synchronisationKeyDepot administrates your passwords safely and clearly. Furthermore KeyDepot can synchronize between several PCs, so you have access to your passwords from all the devices you are working with. more info...
  • FileWing Shredder 5.1

    FileWing Shredder 5.1

    Abelssoft - 4MB - Commercial -
    FileWing Shredder uses different algorithms to safely remove your data. You've got the choice between seven different methods of data removal. more info...
  • mp3 schneiden 5.0

    mp3 schneiden 5.0

    Abelssoft - 13.5MB - Commercial -
    here was a time when only professionals were able to accurately remove specific fragments from a song, since this process required a lot of skills. more info...
  • CCfinder 2014

    CCfinder 2014

    Abelssoft - 5.4MB - Freeware -
    Search pictures by KeywordsFind pictures with suitable licenses, that you may re-use (also commercially or on your website)Use color filters on pictures or use them as desktop wallpaperVery simple to use, Windows 8 style, for XP, Vista and … more info...