7-zip címke

  • 7-Zip 18.05

    7-Zip 18.05

    Igor Pavlov - 1,1MB - Open Source -
    7-Zip is a free file archiver that achieves very high compression ratios and integrates well with Windows. további infó...
  • PeaZip 6.6

    PeaZip 6.6

    Giorgio Tani - 6,9MB - Open Source -
    PeaZip UNACE plugin van szükség, hogy kezelni ász Levéltár (szemöldök és kivonás).ÁSZ támogatást nyújt külön plugin, mivel UNACE jogdíjmentes, de zárt forrású bináris WinACE szerzők által kiadott. további infó...
  • jZip


    Discordia Limited. - 2,7MB - Freeware -
    jZip egy erős és megbízható tömörítési segédprogram, amely lehetővé teszi, hogy hozzon létre, kivonat és manipulálni a Zip, RAR, TAR, GZip, 7-Zip és más fájlt is létrehoz. további infó...
  • EF Commander 18.30

    EF Commander 18.30

    EFSoftware - 3,6MB - Shareware -
    EF Commander is a powerful and multi-featured file manager witch a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals, will find easy to use. további infó...
  • EF Duplicate Files Manager 18.3

    EF Duplicate Files Manager 18.3

    EFSoftware - 2,7MB - Shareware -
    The EF Duplicate Files Manager is a useful program that help you to find out and remove duplicate files with same name, same size, same content on specify paths, files that occupy so unnecessarily storage place on your computer or your … további infó...
  • EF Find 18.4

    EF Find 18.4

    EFSoftware - 2,6MB - Shareware -
    EF Find is a powerful search program for Windows. Look for files, text, HEX sequences and regular expressions inside 7-Zip, ACE, ARC, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, CPIO, GZIP, IMG, ISO (ISO9660), LHA, RAR, RPM, SFX, SQX, TAR, TBZ, TGZ, ZIP and ZOO … további infó...
  • Paquet Builder 3.5

    Paquet Builder 3.5

    G.D.G. Software SARL - 4,1MB - Shareware -
    Paquet Builder is a mix between a 7-Zip, Zip and Cabinet Self-Extracting archive maker and a Setup routine generator. Thanks to its exhaustive feature set, create flexible and compact self-extractors for professional file and software … további infó...
  • ArcConvert 0.65

    ArcConvert 0.65

    Dirk Paehl - Freeware -
    This convertor can convert the following archives:7-ZIP/ LZH/ CAB/ ZIP/ ARJ/ ACE/ RAR/ TAR/ TGZ/ GZ/ Z/ BZ2/ YZ1/ YZ2/ GCA/ BEL/ RPM/ DEB/ BH/ Noa32/ HKI/ PAQAR/ SQX/ HA/ ZOO/ UHARC/ LFB/ ZLIB/ UCL/ IMP/ RS/ SPL/ APK/ Arc/ DZ/ MSI to the … további infó...
  • Q7Z 1.4.1

    Q7Z 1.4.1

    Chris Giles - Open Source -
    Q7Z is an archiving tool that can update existing archives quickly, backup a folder to a storage location, create or extract a protected archive, and increase efficiency by using archiving profiles. további infó...
  • EF File Catalog 18.04

    EF File Catalog 18.04

    EFSoftware - 3,2MB - Shareware -
    Catalog whole disks or only single directories with familiar Explorer-like user interface and makes it available for offline browsing and searching.Here are some key features of "EF File Catalog":* Internal support for all usual compressed … további infó...